Российская образовательная программа для преемников семейного бизнеса

Successor in family business: effective business dynasty 

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

About Program

The program provides basic knowledge and develops core skills of owning, managing and development of the family business
The Program is designated for 

The successors in family businesses age 25-35 with or without the experience in a family business, business owners, members of business families who are interested in successfully transferring management and ownership in family-owned companies

Participants will 

  • Meet listen and meet the researchers and business practitioners

  • Take part in work sessions with leading experts in the field of family business

  • Establish business contacts and have an exchange of experience 

  • Analyze case studies on succession

  • Explore options for a comfortable entry into family business

As a result the participant will
  • Learn the specifics of family business activity 

  • Explore the potential scenarios of development of family business  

  • Shape own trajectory to continue family business 

  • Expand the network among representatives of the business communit

The program will unlock the new vision and the prospects of Successor's future in a family business



Program will be held
March, 28- April 05 2017
Moscow, Plekhanov Russian University of Economic
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To apply for a program 

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+7 495 210 6538

Program schedule

March 28, Tuesday 18:00 - 21:30

  • Family business. Business and family as interrelated systems

  • Conflict between the owner's expectations and aspirations of the successor

  • Developing models of family business 

March 29, Wednesday 18:00 - 21:30

  • Innovations in family business

  • Managing hired talents in family business. Creating the Board of Directors

March 30, Thursday 18:00 - 21:30

  • The authorities of family management

  • Family offices: Jurisdiction and law

April 3, Monday 18:00 - 21:30

  • Trust companies and funds

  • Specifics of corporate governance in family companies

April 4, Tuesday 18:00 - 21:30

  • The trajectory of the successor's entry into family business

  • Risk assessment when planning family business

April 5, Wednesday 18:00 - 21:30

  • Final examination and project presentation


1.Business and family as interconnected systems​
2. Building family business models

Elena Rozhdestvenskaya
Doctor of Sociology,

Professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Higher School of Economics, 

Mikhail Pikalov

Business development expert Managing Partner

MarketProfi Consulting Group

3. Next generations Innovations in family business
4. Setting a project of involving children into the parent's business

Konstantin Tutunov

Manager of 12 training program directions in Russian School of Management

Dmitry Larikov


MarketProfi Consulting Group

5. Tools of the family management
6. Jurisdictions and law

Kirill Nikolaev


NICA Multi Family Office

Anton Chertkov

General Counsel / Head of Legal

Group of companies "DELO", Counsel for legal bureau Patrikios Pavlou & Associates (Cyprus)

7. Trust companies and funds
8. Specialities of corporate management implementation into the family company

Dmitry Rusak

Co-founder of trust company Lucky Trust (Cyprus)

Vitaly Korolev


North-Western Center for Corporate Management

9. Scenario of introduction of the successor into the family business
10. Global research “Managing of employed talents in the family business".
Creation of the board of directors“

Veronika Zagieva

Project Manager

Ward Howell Talent Equity Institute

Stanislav Kiselev

Senior partner of the leading international executive search company Egon Zehnder

11. Conflict of expectations of the founder with the aspirations of the successor

Mikhail Klarin

President of board

Associacion of Russian speacking coaches

Pedagogy doctor

Leading scientist-researcher

Institute for strategy of education development of the Russian Academy of education

12. Risks assesment while planning a family business

Dmitry Volkov

Public representative ANO «Agency for strategic initiatives» in Moscow City
General director construction company GK «SU-33»

Ph.D. in Psychology

Doctor of Business Administration

13. Mentoring for business and life
14. Marriage contract. Inheritance. Risks in the family companies.

Vsevolod Sazonov

Doctor of Legal Sciences Chairman of the Bar Association

«Sazonov and Partners»

Anton Vasilev

Vice-President for Motivation and Personnel Development
GK Integra

15. Personal business model of the successor
16. Private banking role in business succession

Olga Aleksandrova

Professor of The Higher school of corporate management  Russian Academy of Pepole's Wealth and State Service

Marco Naumann

Vice President

International Bank of Luxembourg

17. Succession in retail market companies

Andrey Karpov

President of  Russian Association of Retail Market Experts

Additional lectures

1. Works of art as property and capital
2. Psychology of changing internal settings during transformation of the successor's personality

Oleg Nasobin
Senior Researcher
Research Center of the Federal Service for Drug Control
Fine art collector

Elena Kudinova

Coach - psychologist, Ph.D/ candidate

Higher Shool of Economics

3. Psychological specifica of generation conflict solution and beginning of the dialogue
4. Technological innovations in business

Julia Sinareva

Psychologist. Family therapeut, NLP coach, author of books and publications

Alexei Filimonov
The head of the accelerator for projects - members of the Federal Target Program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020"
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

5. Independent dynastic research

Evgeny Yamschikov


House of family traditions "Kristian"

6. Business and adveture travelling as a tool of personality transformation

Julia Kuzina

Director for Public Relations

MarketProfi Consulting Group

The Program is developed by the  MarketProfi Consulting Group, which consults the owners and successors of family businesses in issues of transfer and succession. 
MarketProfi Consulting Group has a unique expertise in regulation of related crises and conflicts and creating conditions for the development of the family company


To get the program details and consult you may contact the program' manager

Manager of the program «Successor in family business: effective business dynasty»


Dmitry Larikov


+7 (495) 210-65-38