Российская образовательная программа для преемников семейного бизнеса

Oleg Nasobin:
Works of art as property and capital

Open lecture of the program "The successor to the family business: effective business dynasty" REU GV Plekhanov
Works of fine art are a pass and a door into the closed world of high society. However, the opening the door is difficult and can pinch hurtly.
Oleg Nasobin, researcher and expert Research Institute of Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation (Federal Drug Control Service and the illegal trafficking of works of art), based on his 25 years of experience abroad, will speak about the visible and the hidden traffick of the masterpieces of the fine arts, the real and secret market functioning, pricing, examinations, originals and fakes.
In order to preserve and increase the inherited treasure, you need to understand how the world of art is built.


Lecture will be held
on Saturday 29 October 2016
Moscow, REU Plekhanov
Bolshoy Strochenovsky per., 7, Moscow
3 floor. room. 304

Registration is free till 12:00 12.10.2016

Please, consult:

+7 495 210 6538



The Program is developed by the  MarketProfi Consulting Group, which consults the owners and successors of family businesses in issues of transfer and succession. 
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